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What's all that buzz about branding nowadays? We put a small historical overview in place. Branding is old, but modern branding is an evergreen. It is driven by humans not by companies

Hieroglyphs in Egyptian tombs dated more than 4000 years ago portray the branding of cattle. A strict necessity to distinct each other's property.
Still in some parts of the world cattle are being branded. But if we talk about branding, well it is truly something else, is it? Did it change over the years?

The benefits of branding your goods in a distinct way from completion aren't that different from the original thought.
If the marketplace is synonymous with cattle of different farmers, then branding is the logical outcome to distinct them.

Well, there you have it, the same idea is behind products.

Driven by the possibility of mass production and emerging competition, it was therefore a necessity to brand your products more and more.

Clearly more was needed than just a name. Distinction starts with the story behind the name, behind the product, and ultimately behind the company itself.

Every company has a story, several core values it stands for, and internal culture. Ideally, employees carry the company's values to customers, friends & families.

Internal branding is the perception of the companies own employees about how the company is run.

Employees or we should say "all human" are the modern apostle of branding. It starts with themselves and is a reflection of the company they represent.

So what is Branding?

It is the ability to be flexible in responding to changes. It is the reputation you established and need to monitor. But it is also the perception you spread throughout various communication channels.

And how can we help?

We can help you getting control of your branding in various aspects. We can switch from theory to practical hands-on:



No worries, branding strategies can be overwhelming but the good thing is, it's in your hands to change.

You have the answers. So, we will trigger you, ask profound questions, will use the famous open Dutch way of communication.

However, after a lot of serious work, meetings, fun and some pizza, we will have a roadmap on how your companies branding will look like. Guaranteed!

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